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1-on-1 provision

Expert Support

Emotional Support

Nothing is too big or too little to talk about...

I don't want to 'fix' you.

 You are not broken.


I want to help your child find THEIR reason, find THEIR inner talent,

like themselves more and realise they are not defined by others opinion

of them.


I am an artist and I use creative expression as a means of exploring

feelings, experimenting, venting, sharing and healing. 

My support is intuitive, I 'know' young people and have worked with

a diverse range of young people from all backgrounds

I love children & young people, I do not believe any child is 'a lost cause'

or 'bad' or 'sad' or 'mad'...


We just need to unravel the brilliance, respect by example and

EXPECT the best.


Regardless of the journey to date, the next step is a choice,

put your boots on and get ready

My service is not an alternative to CAMHS or other

diagnostic / therapeutic services,

although I am happy to support you attending these services too.


I am a  former child protection and safeguarding manager and have many

years of direct experience designing and

managing specialist alternative provision for young people struggling to


with 'everything'.

If you would like to see my CV please ask..


Contact me by phone, email or text message.

No obligation.

07999 987 985