I am an creative educational specialist who works therapeutically.

I am different, I get personally involved with young people, because many young people have not had this investment, ever.


I work intuitively and will try radical ways to engage, be that driving 150 miles to the seaside to walk barefoot on the beach, creating a graffiti mural, making memory boxes, advocating in school, building a CV, recording a rap, or cleaning out their bedroom and making it a safe space. I will offer my students support in person, via phone, via social media, text, whatsapp, Instagram, anything!


These methods WORK to build a young persons self esteem, and reducing negative behaviours, 


I go the extra mile with kids in crisis and will work evenings, weekends or antisocial hours if the young person needs it.

I work in partnership with parents / carers / schools and Local Authorities (Virtual schools/social workers etc)

I  will get to know the young person and look to bridge the gap, I consider my approach to be measured risks to reduce crisis

 I am commissioned mainly by a high profile educational organisation, but also by individuals and private care providers.

The majority of my work is on behalf of  various local authorities/commissioners,  to provide 1-1 education

to young people and children unable to attend school.

These young people are struggling for a multitude of reasons, all unique and different.


Troubled children / young people come from all cultural, racial, religious, economic and geographic backgrounds..

they may  live with a parent / blended family / carer /  foster parent or in the care of the local authority...

they may live in a boat, caravan, flat, house, mansion, hotel, or residential care home.

Students may speak English as a second or additional language...

they may be Economic Migrants, Refugees or Seeking Asylum...

they may also be British born and English speaking...

Black, White, Asian, Roma, Traveller, 'Gypsy' or multi- racial / heritage

 students may identify as LGBTQ ...

or Gender Neutral

they may be living with a disability ...

they may be young carers ...

young parents ...

In other words children & young people who represent the whole cross section of the population

Many of my students have experienced  trauma, SEND, Autism, mental health issues, illness,

pregnancy, bullying, and be those at risk of criminal behaviours / exploitation


I am able to provide my service independently to families or schools who wish to commission me directly.

The service I provide is bespoke,

as indicated above my work is NOT like school because this is not working for many of the children I support.

The work is holistic and the priority is towards mental wellbeing, everything else comes after this.

As such we might be out visiting interesting places as part of the work or making a sculpture, making music or gardening, anything at all that that inspires your child. We can combine curriculum based work too- we will write the timetable around your child/young person.

If you think I could help your child or a child within your school or organisation please contact me 


07999 987 985

or via my facebook page (see links)