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Colleen Allen

Beyond the 9 - 5

Expert Guidance

I am a  dynamic, unconventional and passionate Educational Specialist.

I  offer 1 -1 support to children & young people who are struggling within mainstream education and / or life.

A young person who is unhappy cannot learn.  

Every child and young person has a unique set of circumstances that may impact on their ability to thrive, cope and experience success.

All children face pressures in life, be that socially, educationally, emotionally, or behaviourally.

For some children these 'normal' pressures are compounded by having a special educational need / disability, being a 'looked after' child, being bullied, sexually exploited, abused, facing loss  and / or experiencing mental or physical ill health.

 I work 1-1 with children & young people and offer them freedom of expression, a voice and opinion and to explore their world creatively.

I lead by example with respect, kindness, belief and without judgement.

We are all equal in importance and value, but uniquely different.

I learn as much from the young people I work with as they do from me, and I feel privileged to be invited into their world.

My priority is to help build the self esteem of those I work with and develop their tools for life.

 I am committed to supporting children & young people, particularly those who have faced difficulties in their lives -

socially, educationally, emotionally and/or behaviourally.


I have many years of experience working with the most marginalised young people within the inner city and rural settings.

Each child is different, however I consider every encounter to have been a great privilege.

Take a look around my site and get in touch to ask any questions or to have a chat :) 

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