Pet Therapy  


I am delighted to present my part time, working partner Purdy!

Purdy is a 7 year old female, Silver Poodle.

Purdy and I have been assessed and certified as a PAT- Pet Therapy Dog and Handler.

Purdy has proven herself to be an amazing support to some of the young people I work with and has supported young people to develop their confidence and social skills. She also provides a comfort to young  and/or vulnerable people who find a calm dog soothing. Simply being in the presence of a gentle and sweet dog offers an opportunity for a young person to feel safe and grounded.


Purdy is more than happy to sit, be stroked or cuddled.


Purdy is also hypoallergenic so does not present some of the risks of allergy or shedding, she is also happy to be groomed.


Purdy is able to support young people in the classroom, in public 

and in the home- this must be with myself as handler and with the agreement of all parties.